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Cowtown BBQ

Cowtown BBQ Rubs and Seasonings

A Kansas City favorite for over 10 years! Cowtown BBQ is one of the most highly decorated BBQ Competition teams the country. That includes recognition as “The Best BBQ Sauce on the Planet”, a title won at the 2001 American Royal Barbeque Contest. And it doesn’t stop there. Add Cowtown rubs to the mix and you’ve got the American Royal Barbeque Contest winner in 1993 and 1995! The grill is calling! Give it what it wants! Cowtown BBQ!

Cowtown BBQ was started by Jeff and Joy Stehney who headed up the competition barbecue team Slaughterhouse Five in the early 90's. After numerous successes on the competition circuit, the couple opened up shop with their friend Joe Davidson, creating Oklahoma Joe's in Stillwater, Oklahoma, named such to be an extension of Joe's already existing smoker company. Jeff and Joy expanded the business to a gas station adjacent location close to their home in Kansas City that has now become synonymous with the Oklahoma Joe's name. After Joe moved to Texas in 1997, the Oklahoma outpost was closed, but Jeff and Joy have continued to expand the business to what it is today—three restaurants, a catering company, and a line of sauces and rubs.


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