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KEY's Southern Spice ®

KEY's Southern Spice ®
Weight 5.00 oz
Our price: $5.99

Key's Southern Spice ® and seasoning on sale at BBQRubs.com - Free delivery on orders over $60 - created by a young entrepreneur with BIG IDEAS & Dreams! Based on strong beliefs in GOD, family, and country. Has been described as the perfect blend between Memphis and Carolina flavors with a Creole kick! LOW SODIUM! ALL NATURAL! NO PRESERVATIVES! GLUTEN-FREE! It is not too hot or spicy but just plain Southern! Current uses and ideas include: Steaks, Hamburgers, Pork, Fish and seafood, Taco flavoring, Vegetables, Stews, and Chili's. May GOD bless you and your family! KEY's has been used in the 2016 WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS and yielded a Top 10 finish, as well as the BBQ & BLUES Festival with a Top 5 finish in Chicken, People's Choice, & Overall. Try it today and you will not be disappointed! Unlock the Flavor with KEY's ®

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