Elijah's Extreme Bourbon Infused Blueberry Chipotle BBQ

A tomato-based BBQ with bourbon-infused blueberries and an adobo chipotle, which is smoke-dried and rehydrated in an adobo sauce, honey and spices. Delicious! This adds a smooth smoky flavor, combined with the bourbon and blueberry for a rich savory tasting BBQ that's perfect for grilling, marinating, dipping, and even as a salad dressing! 3x 2019 Scovie Award-Winning BBQ sauce. As a Steak Sauce, Mild BBQ, Grilling sauce. This us one unique sauce that makes burgers great! Awesome on Chicken, pork burgers, and steak when grilling as a dip or marinade it. Great as a salad dressing! Gluten-Free. No Corn syrup uses pure cane sugar.