Heath Riles BBQ Cherry Rub

About Heath Riles BBQ Cherry Rub

This award-winning dry rub blend has the perfect combination of sweetness, heat, and cherry flavor that explodes in your mouth! It’s great on pork, ribs, chicken, and lamb! Also use it as a finishing rub on top of meat for that perfect color and pop!

A must add for your bbq rub arsenal. Great taste on pork baby back ribs. Only used once in conjunction with another rub. Adds great flavor. Not overpowering. Good texture. This cherry rub goes great with pork. With the garlic jalapeno, cherry, honey bacon, bayou cajun and the glaze with the 3-2-1 method. Smoke with pecan and cherry chips for 3hrs. wrap in foil, season again, add some honey for 2hrs. Next brush on the glaze for about 45 mins.