Oakridge BBQ Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub

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Oakridge BBQ Carne Crosta Steakhouse Rub from Oakridge BBQ Rubs - delicious oils from the rich Brazilian coffee intertwine with the spices and rendered fat, creating the most sumptuously-crusted steak you’ve ever experienced.
100% All Natural, with NO MSG and nothing artificial. 100% Gluten Free.
Instructions: Apply evenly to all meat surfaces; allow rub to rest on meat for 30-45 minutes prior to cooking. Grill or roast with high direct heat for best results.
*100% All Natural
*Ultra Premium Ingredients
*Gluten Free
*Nut Allergy Safe
*No Fillers or Anti-Caking Agents
*Absolutely Nothing Artificial
*Hand Made
Ingredients:  Locally roasted Brazilian coffee, sea salt, garlic, chilies (ancho, guajillo, chipotle & paprika), pepper, onion, raw cane sugar, yellow mustard, ground mushrooms (Shiitake & porcini), coriander, lime juice, celery, spices, & maltodextrin