R Butts R Smokin' R Beef BBQ Rub

The team over at R Butts R Smokin' have been winning barbecue competitions with their new beef rub all over for the past year and now they're finally ready to share their secret. The R Butts R Smokin' R Beef Rub brings awesome flavor to any beef cut and works incredibly well on pork and other large cuts as well.

With a marriage of Kansas City and Texas flavors, this rub is ready to be the star of your next backyard cookout or bring home the hardware on the competition circuit. This rub was developed to bring out the natural beef flavor when cooking brisket, burgers or steak.  It has several different layers of flavor with just the right amount of pepper and other spices.  It is MSG Free and Gluten Free.  It was also used by the 2016 American Royal Invitational winner on their 180 brisket!!

Ingredients: salt, dehydrated garlic, spices including paprika, dehydrated onion, sugar, brown sugar, dry honey (cane sugar, honey), hydrolyzed soy protein, dehydrated red bell pepper, yeast extract, oleoresin paprika (color), citric acid, natural flavor, and not more than 1% tricalcium phosphate added to prevent caking.

- MSG Free
- Gluten Free