R Butts R Smokin' Steak Rub

R Butts R Smokin' Steak Rub- This steak rub combines elements of the classic steak rubs with our own unique blend of spices to create what we think is a really good steak rub. Mixes well with R Beef Rub to add another layer of flavor.

This blend of spices has produced many awards and championships by some of the top BBQ teams in the country. The team over at R Butts R Smokin' have been winning barbecue competitions with their new beef rub all over and now they're ready to share their secret. 

R Butts R Smokin' Steak Rub Ingredients:

salt, dehydrated garlic, spices including paprika, dehydrated onion, sugar, brown sugar, dry honey (cane sugar, honey), hydrolyzed soy protein, dehydrated red bell pepper, yeast extract, oleoresin paprika (color), citric acid, natural flavor, and not more than 1% tricalcium phosphate added to prevent caking.