Rub & Sauce of the month club - 3 Months

BBQ Rub & Sauce of the month club - 3 Months -Each month we'll deliver a different BBQ Rub & BBQ Sauce from Competition BBQ Teams, award-winning chefs and locally-famous BBQ joints all across the country. Every Rub & Sauce we deliver has been carefully selected by our BBQ experts who sample hundreds of different BBQ Products every year. And many of our monthly selections will have already won some of the highest honors at competitive tasting festivals and national BBQ championships.

What kinds of BBQ Rubs & Sauce will I receive with my membership?
We offer only the finest gourmet Rubs & Sauces from exclusive restaurants, chefs, and specialty producers nationwide. Many of our monthly selections have been awarded the highest honors at national competitive BBQ festivals.

Do you send a wide variety of BBQ Rubs & Sauces?
In the first week of each month you'll receive a different type of Rub & Sauce. The idea is that over-time you will be build up a broad spectrum of some of the best rubs and sauces available on the market. Overall you will receive a minimum of 3 BBQ Rubs & 3 BBQ Sauces. 

Are these full-sized BBQ Rubs & Sauces?
Each gourmet selection is a standard full-sized shaker (typically between 4-12 ounces) and a full-sized sauce bottle (typically between 10-18oz) and should provide for several grilling sessions.

Can I choose the BBQ Rubs that I'll receive?
Part of the fun of each monthly shipment is the excitement of experiencing our latest selection for the first time. So, while you cannot specify in advance what Rubs you'll receive, rest assured that each monthly delivery is personally selected by our taste-testing professionals for an authentic, down-home barbecue experience.

What if I don't like one of the BBQ Rubs? Do you offer a guarantee?
Your satisfaction is our business. If you're ever unhappy with our service, you can cancel your membership. No questions asked and no additional costs!

How long are your memberships?
When you sign up, your subscription will run until it expires or cancelled. 

How do you ship your products?
We ship all monthly gift clubs the first week of each month. All shipments are sent by common carrier (USPS) and are delivered in protective packaging for safe arrival.