Smokin' Guns BBQ Sweet Heat Rub

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This BBQ rub offers sweet flavors with a spicy heat finish that compliments all BBQ meats - pork, beef and chicken. Smokin’ Guns BBQ Sweet Heat BBQ rub won’t let you down because it’s been competition tested and has proven to win awards, making this sweet rub an award winner. This award winning rub is great for competition BBQ and backyard BBQ. This dry rub combines sweetness and spice to give you deliciously tender meat with irresistible flavor. Add award winning flavor to your BBQ dishes with Smokin’ Guns BBQ Sweet Heat dry rub. Smokin Guns Sweet Heat will wow family, friends and judges alike. Perfected during years of competition, this recipe is very versatile and goes well on pork, ribs, beef and chicken! This rub gives your food that right amount of pop, especially pork products. A-1 stuff.

Ingredients: salt, sugar, brown sugar, spices, onion, garlic, and less than 2% silicon dioxide added as an anticaking agent.