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    Grillicious Flavor-Infused Grill and Pan Wipes®

    Enhance your grilling experience with Grillicious Flavor-Infused Grill and Pan Wipes®. The first and only product for any grilltender that combines 100% organic, healthy high-heat cooking oil with all-natural flavors into an easy-to-use, recyclable wipe that will ensure your food does not stick while infusing it with flavor.

    In the backyard, on your patio or your balcony, tailgating before the game, out in the wilderness with a tent, RV or adventure-van or your boat, when you are ready to get grillin’, Grillicious Flavor-Infused Grill and Pan Wipes® are ready to create a non-stick cooking surface for your food to glide off your grill grates, griddles, pans and cast-iron surfaces. Before it does, it will be infused with our delicious grill-ready flavors.