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Our Story:

Hey BBQ enthusiasts! Welcome to BBQRubs.com, your ultimate destination for incredible flavors and unforgettable grilling experiences. I'm Richard Leto, the proud CEO and owner, and I'm thrilled to share the exciting journey of BBQRubs.com with you.

A New Era, A Rich Heritage:

In September 2022, I took the reins of BBQRubs.com, embarking on a new chapter for this flavorful company. Acquiring it from its original owners, who in 2013 started this amazing business from their home in Suwanee, Georgia, was more than a transaction—it was a commitment to carry forward their legacy and enhance the BBQ experience for enthusiasts like you.

Passing the Torch:

The original owners were a husband-and-wife team who built BBQRubs.com from the ground up infusing it with passion and a dedication to quality and customer service. I recognized the tremendous potential of this business and was honored to become the steward and new owner of a brand that has been sizzling for over 10 years now. While I may not have been the one to conceive and start this BBQ journey, I am here to ensure it continues to thrive and grow.

Elevating Your BBQ Adventure: 

As a BBQ lover, as well as a serial and seasoned entrepreneur, my focus is on having the BBQRubs team consistently curate the best and most unique rubs, seasonings, sauces and marinades that not only meet but exceed our customer’s grilling expectations. Every product on BBQRubs.com is a testament to the rich heritage of the brand, blended with a fresh perspective to take your barbecuing and cooking adventure to new heights.

Join Our BBQ Community:

BBQRubs.com is not just an online store; it's a community of barbecuing and cooking enthusiasts. We welcome you to connect with us on social media, share your stories and recipes, and let's build a space where every barbecue you create is celebrated. Whether you've been with us since 2013 or just joined our BBQRubs family, I'm excited to make your BBQ experience exceptional by offering you the very best products and along with the highest level of customer service. 

Your BBQ Adventure Starts Here:

Thank you again for choosing BBQRubs.com as your go-to online store to buy your rubs, seasonings, sauces and marinades. Since I purchased the company, it’s truly been an incredible journey for me, and I'm thrilled to have you along for the ride. Let's fire up those grills, savor the flavors, and create memorable BBQ moments together.

Richard Leto
CEO and Owner


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