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    Kosmos Q

    Kosmos Q makes competition tested BBQ Rubs, Sauces, Wing Dusts & Glazes. They have a big selection of Competition Tested barbecue seasonings. All of them are made In the USA and they are Gluten Free. Looking for the best BBQ brisket rub or the perfect grill seasoning? There isn't a better selection of award-winning spices than those you'll find Kosmo's Q! With thousands of awards won all over the world Kosmo Q have best BBQ rubs on the market.

    Where is Kosmos Q from? Kosmos Q is based out of Tuttle, Oklahoma - Their address is 400 Vermont Ave Suite 128, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73108, USA

    How did Kosmos Q get started?Kosmo started Kosmos Q back in 2009 with one product the Original Beef Brisket Injection

    How do you use Kosmos wing dust? Smoke, bake, or fry your wings naked and sprinkle on your favorite Kosmos Q wing seasoning. Toss and serve!

    Is Kosmos Q gluten free? You'll be happy to know that all Kosmos Q BBQ seasonings are completely 100% gluten free.