Historic Lynchburg Steak & Burger Seasoning

Historic Lynchburg Tennessee Whiskey Steak & Burger Seasoning - Make delicious burgers with the distinctive taste of Jack Daniel's Black Label Whiskey.The old folks of Lynchburg have been using seasonings and rubs to enhance the flavor of their meats since before the turn of the century. For a little extra flavor, they decided to add a little of their local Tennessee Whiskey. For best results sprinkle liberally on meat several hours before cooking. This will allow the flavors to seep into the meat. Since it is sugar-free it is great for grilling directly over hot coals. So fire up your grill and savor the flavor of our steak and burger seasoning; give your tastebuds a thrill. 

Ingredients: Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Spices, Red Bell Pepper, Green Bell Pepper, Crushed Red Pepper, Parsley & Jack Daniels Black Label Whiskey