Wholesale BBQ Rub suppliers

BBQ Rubs offers select items from its BBQ Rub & Sauce line up for wholesale purchase and reselling. 

Perfect for your restaurant menu, your hardware, or the gourmet store!

Whether you are looking to use our ingredients in your BBQ restaurant or to stock our authentic merchandise in your gourmet store or delicatessen, BBQ Rubs has a large range of products competitively priced to maximize your business profit.

Our staff has experience in owning and operating restaurants, and we have been successful as gourmet food suppliers to restaurants precisely because we understand that the best food starts with the perfect ingredients. If our products are this good on our shelves, imagine the possibilities once you make them into dishes!

BBQ Rubs utilizes state of the art mobile technology so you can shop on your schedule, on the go.

We understand the pressures of running a growing business, so, as soon as we have approved your wholesale account, you will be able to place your orders online 24/7. 

Your business is our business.

From kiosks in shopping centers and tables at the local farmer's market to web merchants and superstores, we have enabled thousands of people just like you to get their business started quickly, easily, and with very little start-up costs.

We provide assistance via email, phone, or video conference and pride ourselves on our customer service and accessibility!

Wholesale Payment Terms:

Orders must be prepaid until credit terms are established  


Contact orders@bbqrubs.com for a copy of our wholesale catalog & price list

Important Disclaimer

BBQ Rubs works exclusively with eligible wholesale customers only. All new customer applications will be reviewed to determine if they are eligible for a wholesale account. We will contact you if additional information may be needed to verify your account. You will not be able to access wholesale pricing until we have reviewed and approved your application. Please allow up to 24 hours to process. BBQRubs reserves the right to cancel your wholesale membership at any time for any reason. Thank you, and we look forward to your business!