Bull Shit Seasoning & Rub

Bull Shit Seasoning & BBQ Rub from Big Cock Ranch - Steaks, Prime Rib and Brisket will taste better with this barbecue secret weapon. One of the best beef rubs for preparing delicious smoked barbeque.

Bullshit BBQ Rub is Big cock ranch's steak seasoning perfect for rib eyes & porterhouse steaks. The special blend of herbs and spices works really well with beef to draw out the tender flavors of steaks. Whether you like your steak medium-rare or well done. Bull shit seasoning is a cheeky addition to your kitchen that will make you & your guests smile.

Use this blend of spices on beef brisket before smoking the meat. It is also perfect for use on hash brown potatoes. Excellent blend of spices. Bull shit seasoning brings out the tender goodness of T-Bones, NY Strips, filets, flat irons, and sirloins. This dry rub from big cock ranch is a great steak seasoning. It has the flavor of pepper, garlic, and herbs that makes your steak taste delicious. Use this on all types of steaks from rib eyes to porterhouse steaks. Sprinkle a small amount on your steak and it will taste great. Do you want to make a super tasty beef tenderloin? The special blend of herbs and spices works with the beef to make a tender flavor. Does your tri-tip lack taste? Bull shit seasoning and rub is a funny addition to your grill kitchen. The name will make you and your guests laugh and smile.

Do you like your steak medium-rare or well-done? Use this blend of spices on beef brisket or flank steak. Sprinkle and smoke or sear the meat on a hot grill. This no msg bull shit barbecue seasoning and rub makes steaks taste great!

Big Cock Ranch in Austin Texas manufacture Bull shit and BBQRubs.com is a proud supplier of their delicious barbecue spices and rubs.

Bull Shit Seasoning & Rub Ingredients:

Seasoning salt, salt, brown sugar, paprika, granulated garlic, granulated onion, granulated celery. No MSG.