Al Frugoni Salt Parrillera - Grilling Salt - 17oz shaker

Al Frugoni Parrillera Salt - Grilling Salt - This Salt is a coarse Sea Salt that is perfect for preparing any meal on the grill, in the smoker, or in any other heat source.
Because of the size of the grain, the meat will absorb just what it needs. This helps the meat retain moisture and intensify its natural flavors. As an experienced Pitmaster,Al Frugoni recommends using this product to obtain excellent results. You may also be curious about whether a unique Grilling Salt is an essential addition to your pantry. The team at BBQRubs had the same thought. However, after using it on a variety of dishes like baked potatoes, French fries, tomatoes, burgers, steak and us, Al Frugoni's Salt Parrillera is a must-have! Grab a bottle or two right now! 


17oz shaker (481g)