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BBQ Rub recipes

Looking for the most popular Barbecue Rub Recipes? These different barbecue rubs cover everything from brisket to delicious pulled pork you can make them ahead of time in huge quantities and use them in your backyard barbecue family picnics or company retreats these awesome recipes for rubs won't disappoint you:

bbq rub recipes

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Kansas city rub

Kansas city is well-known for BBQ ribs and this isn't great tasting BBQ rub recipe for Kansas city style ribs don't forget to add a great tasting barbecue sauce and a little rub to dust you have a wonderful meal with family and friends this rib rub recipe is made up of sugar which makes it a sweet rub and is best for low and slow cooking more than hot and fast so the sugar won't burn.

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Carolina Barbecue rub

Carolina BBQ Rib Rub

Carolina style BBQ Rub is very different and adds a little bit of vinegar flavoring to the sweetness and Spice of this barbecue. Carolina dry rub recipe most popularly used with pulled pork with a great mix of salt spice and paprika you'll fall in love with Carolina Barbecue

Memphis Rub

in Memphis the hometown of Elvis Presley a Memphis dry rub is the most important thing other than the quality of your meat barbecue ribs also dry without any barbecue sauce so the barbecue rub recipe is the most important what you usually see with memphis-style ribs is lot of paprika which makes it a Savory taste smoked over Hickory, Apple or cherry which contribute to the most beautiful barbecue ribs from Memphis.

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Spare rib rub

Spare ribs similar to baby back ribs and for this you need a pork rub that works really well this free to download rib rub is available from BBQ rubs. And you compare this with a delicious barbecue sauce on the side or Slaughter it over Don't forget to spray your ribs with apple juice whilst smoking. 

Magic dust

Magic dust can be used as a finishing rub to add a little bit of a flavor cake on top of your barbecue sauce slathered ribs he usually comes with salt sugar paprika garlic onion and spices and it's a way to make your barbecue or Smoked Meats hot and spicy. apply liberally to the meat after you have rested with barbecue sauce grateful ribs pork great with blackening fish greatest as a taco flavoring.

Classic pork dry rub

Classic pork dry rub

A classic pork dry rub recipe is low in sugar and salt great for pork like Boston butts because pork tends to have a salty taste already the black pepper in this rub gives it a nice Heat without being too spicy you can use this quintessential hog recipe on pulled pork and pork chops.

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Brisket Rub

Brisket rub

A great-tasting brisket rub is usually associated with Texas is really easy to make and these rubs contain the types of spices and Seasonings needed to make delicious smoked brisket on your barbecue these are pretty standard rubs give you the perfect balance between saltiness of the smoked beef and the sweetness of the rubs and spices you can even add your own extra flavors to give you your own special touch.

Memphis style rib rub

Memphis Style Ribs

Let's go back to Memphis on the home of Elvis Presley and barbecue Memphis style BBQ ribs are slow cooked in a BBQ Pit and these ribs prepared by the dry or wet Memphis style dry ribs covered with BBQ rub made up of salt and spices with dry ribs you won't use them with sauce obviously with wet ribs you're going to eat them with sauce and cook them before during and after in your favorite barbecue sauce

Pulled pork rub

Pulled Pork rub

Delicious pulled pork rub recipes gives you the best chances of making fantastic carolina-style pulled pork use these recipes at your backyard barbecue family picnic or company retreat and your family and friends will love the finished product you can use little mustard to add some heat to your pulled pork traditionally Carolina pulled pork uses apple cider vinegar to give it a little sour kick offsetting the sweet and savory of the pulled pork

Brisket brown sugar rub

brisket brown sugar rub

Choose a brisket which has most of the fat down in the meat and not all fat on the outside and use a rub made up of brown sugar. Cover it all over the brisket before putting in your smoker and cooking it low and slow overnight. Click here for more information on cooking a beef brisket.

BBQ Rub for ribs

If you want to know what is the best dry rub for ribs? Then BBQRubs.com has the answer for you. Barbecue rib rubs combine the flavors of paprika, black pepper, brown sugar, salt, celery salt, cayenne, garlic powder, dry mustard, and cumin. We get asked all the time how do you smoke pork spare ribs? Place the ribs on the smoker grate unwrapped and let them smoke for about 3 hours at 225°F. Wrap the ribs in foil or better yet, place them into a foil pan and cover with foil over the top.

Smoked Chicken rub recipe

smoked chicken rub

Learn about this delicious smoked chicken rub recipe from BBQRubs.com. This seasoning blends combines the flavors of paprika, chili powder, thyme, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne, salt & pepper. You can use a light wood like apple for smoking poultry and take it easy because it will absorb all the smokey flavors. You don't want to over power your meat. 


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