Burnt Sacrifice Sweet Carolina Rub 10 OZ Bag

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Burnt Sacrifice Sweet Carolina Rub 10 OZ Bag

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Santa Maria BBQ Rub (or Dry Rub)

A perfect blending of smoke, salt, parsley, and garlic that help you understand the wonderful flavor of Santa Maria Tri-Tip.
It's all natural with No MSG, No Preservatives, No Gluten, No High Fructose Corn Sweetener, and No Anti-Caking Agents. We got rid of the junk to make room for more of the good stuff.

Our Burnt Sacrifice Santa Maria BBQ rub transports you to the stunning ranch house flavors of the central coast of California. Designed for tri-tip and beef roasts, it also works well on brisket and other lean cuts of beef. Don’t forget to try it on chicken, as this special blend will enhance the flavor of just about any type of meat.

Close to the garlic capitol of the country and influenced by the old Spanish vaqueros this style blends a strong garlic imprint balanced with wonderful black pepper, paprika, parsley and secret spices. Its got real brown sugar so it will help your meat get some bark, yet isn’t sweet. And there is real hickory smoke for a nice BBQ finish. Even if you are oven baking or cooking on propane. It is tasty but measured in smokiness. On your first bite you will know that you are having a special experience.

In the 1950’s, on the Central Coast of California, just about halfway between Silicon Valley and Hollywood, in Santa Maria, a local butcher decided to try a new cut of beef. He decided to try cutting a two to three pound triangle off the top sirloin. Seasoning it with lots of herbs and spices, it was grilled to perfection. The locals snapped it up quickly and Tri-Tip has become one of the most popular cuts of beef in the entire state of California. It is enjoyed for its juicy, tender flavor.

In tribute to this innovative butcher in Santa Maria and Americas newest rising regional BBQ style, I designed this rub to bring out the fabulous flavor and juicy tenderness that is Tri-Tip. Staying true to the original. Ranch-style seasonings including real hickory smoke, parsley, garlic, salt, pepper, tarragon, oregano, and brown sugar make this bold and spicy rub perfect for very flavorful steak that can be cooked many different ways. With our Santa Maria Rub, it will be so tender that it will melt in your mouth.

Every BBQ competitor and every BBQ restaurant start with a rub. The foundation of all great BBQ or grilling begins with your rub. The basic spices of the rub will enhance the flavor of whatever you are cooking, and also modify the flavor of the sauce. This gives you the effect of a different sauce for each rub you use. Try one of our fantastic Burnt Sacrifice competition-class sauces, available in several spice levels, to finish with our rubs or use as a dipping sauce. Our rubs are specifically designed to be bold enough to stand up on their own so you can enjoy the flavor of the meat, but will also work well to enhance the BBQ sauce.

Best on: Everything, but specifically designed for beef roasts like tri-tip.

Saltiness: Med

Sweetness: Low

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