UnBULLevable! All-Purpose Seasoning

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UnBULLevable! All-Purpose Seasoning - from Lotta Bull BBQ in Oklahoma. Created by BBQ Championship title winning Lotta Bull grill team. Lotta Bull UnBullevable is an extraordinary All Purpose Seasoning giving exceptional flavoring versatility.UnBullevable is a particularly awesome decision for chicken, meat, pork, fish, vegetables, and even popcorn. This inside and out flavoring helps bring out the flavor of the meat, whether it's set up in the broiler, over the pit, or on a barbecue.

UnBULLevable! All-Purpose Seasoning Ingredients

Salt, Sugar, Garlic, MSG, Onion, Chile Pepper, Black Pepper, Spices, Silicon Dioxide. 

Gluten Free, No Tree Nuts or Peanuts